No less, No more. Me.

     Proud. Ambitious. With attitude. These words are thrown at me, with a scornful look and an ugly smile. “Why are you so proud all the time!” pronounced with just enough sarcasm to make me cringe a little. “Your ambitions are a wee bit too much, can’t you see?” They tell me, every time I want to make a step forward. “You should get over yourself; you don’t have what it takes” a fact stated to me, expecting I would shrug my head into my shoulders.
     I am entitled to Pride. I am the Woman, I am the Wife, the Mother. I have the miraculous power to give life. I stand Proud because my Pride is the power holding me up against this world.
     I am entitled to my Ambition. I deserve every drop, every bit of what I get, because I have Ambitions because I Hustle, when others rest, because everything I got so far, I got with hard work, pain, tears, and blood. But, this is just beginning of my Ambitions. Watch me rise up and make this world my stage because my Ambition is the Power driving me forward.

     I am entitled to my Attitude. My blood is darker, thicker. My imagination can create worlds and universes you are too afraid to see. My Attitude is my heritage, a dark, tasteful wine gathered and mixed from all the corners of this world. My Attitude is the embodiment of my history. My Attitude is the Power of centuries, pulling me up every time I fall down.

                          You think you saw enough? Well, that is a mere beginning.

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