On society, and growing a pair

Upon our birth, each of us gets our specific set of expectations, roles, and settings we should fulfill as growing older. We are expected to start walking at a certain age, then talking, after many of us shall start reading and even doing simple math. At the age of roughly 6, we go to school. At school, we complete basically three stages: junior, middle and high school. On completing this level, we move to a more complex one, a university or college. This can be considered a pre-boss level, upon completing which we are moving to the boss level – the real life, as most of us call it. In this fight, we are expected to complete several small battles before we can beat the final boss- Social Expectation. Now the trick here is to follow a well-trodden pattern with close to no wondering off. You finish the relevant study plan, you get a job in a relevant sector, you sit in the office 9 to 5, you hang out with your friends approximately once a week, rant about how your boss is a dick and how you deserve a raise, or how your employees are morons and don’t deserve a raise; at some point you create a family, only through marriage, and pass on the stigmas further down the line. With mediocre effort and a very strict adherence to the pattern, you will be considered a successful individual amongst your social neighbors. While reading this, you will think that the author is a teenage bitch with a special snowflake syndrome not wanting to clean her room, but really, give it a little bit more thought. Look around, just sit down and look closely around. Which stage are you in? was any of this truly your choice? Or was it subliminally sewn into your core program by the society surrounding you? Why is it that we have this unquenchable thirst to blend in? one may argue that it’s in our genetics, that without a tribe or community and blending in, a human would not able to survive, and that it absolutely correct, but hasn’t our civilization moved far beyond from that time? I think that nowadays human should not be so dependent on society for survival because honestly, the cashier selling you bread won’t give a single fuck about who are you married to, as you won’t give a single fuck about what her/his major is. My point is, we don’t need to blend in and please society to get everything for our basic needs. And yet, we are so afraid to step away from a century-old guideline, that we would rather give up discovering our identity. We would rather give up trying to become something truly great than to hear people’s dis-satisfactory opinion on us. We are simply so terrified of social anathema, that we fail to notice it won’t matter for our lives anyway if our neighbor thinks that our choice of profession, or a significant other, or our hair color is good/bad/outrageous/wonderful etc. Actually, one one’s opinion regarding our choices matters, except that of our own. So maybe it’s time for me, for you and for all of us to grow a pair, make a choice we and only we want, or don’t make one at all, and let society go and fuck itself?

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