On cups and perfect imperfections

I have this beautiful tea cup I bought couple weeks ago. It’s designed in pastel colors with floral patterns and it’s shaped like that kid Cup from Beauty and the Beast, and it’s constructed so that drinking anything from it is a pure pleasure, it’s not too thick, not too heavy or too flimsy, holds the heat just well, In a word, I’m in love with it. This evening it was sitting on top my bedside table, and looking at it against dark green curtains, I noticed that my beautiful sweet cup had a little irregular top edge, it was curved more that it should be usually. As I kept looking at my cup, I noticed more and more that the paint had chipped off on a needle sized dots here and there, the vertical lines weren’t so straight and it also had quite a big indentation on its foot. After finishing this scrutinizing examination, I stood up, poured myself another boiling glass of water, and in seconds it took me to walk from my kitchen to my room, the water was a perfect temperature to drink and curl up watching youtube. I then noticed, that in my cup, which had all those flaws and would probably be considered spoilage, in that cup, the water actually tasted the same, if not better than in any other cup. And maybe just because of that uneven curve in the upper edge, the water temperature in my cup always is just right. And then, I thought of myself, with all my flaws and more flaws to come to many, I will be the damaged goods. I won’t get equal treatment because my personal life choices don’t match someone’s ideals. I won’t be given equal opportunity on the job market, because my sassy attitude will be unacceptable, or because my ear is pierced in two places and I might or might not have a tattoo. But would I want to reverse anything to fit in better? The answer is not for anything and a pony in my life! Just like the unevenly curved edge and dents and chipped paint make my cup ideal for me (and trust me I would know, I have a huge cupboard filled with cups that just don’t match), so do my flaws and mishaps make me ideal for someone or something; I love being perfectly imperfect and you should too. Never compromise who you are for the sake of fitting in because the fact that you fit in does not mean that you belong.

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