Cages and Fears

    There are so many courses out there, that teach you almost everything, from how to better manage your time and talk a certain way in order to attract more money, all the way to how to forgive yourself and relieve old emotional pain. My FB news feed is full of various offers of this kind, well maybe it only means that I’m a big loser, who can’t do anything without the internet telling me to. None the less, I heard a very good person saying that “we are the prisoners and we ourselves hold the keys to your prison.” Let me add more, the door to our prison cell is not even locked, it’s in fact wide open, but for somewhat, undoubtedly superiorly important, reasons we continue sitting in our cell, looking at the wide opened door and not moving. I know I am just like that, and I’m pretty sure a lot of us are. You disagree? Then ask yourself, if money, career and all this “adult” things were not an issue, would you still be working the job you are, living in the place you are, having the life you have? Or would you get up, pack your backpack and go on a bicycle tour around Tibet? Or maybe you would pick up paint brushes and start that huge canvas you always wanted to paint but never had time because of other responsibilities? If you are completely, or at least almost completely, satisfied with your life, then I bid you pardon and you can have my warmest congratulations! But I’m not at that point, and I know a lot of people around me are not. We bind ourselves to our cells with excuses, lack of time; we even openly admit that we are lazy mothereffers in a bad way, all but admitting only one thing that is important: we are afraid. We are afraid not as much of some financial consequences of or decisions, but more of social ones. We are afraid others around us won’t deem us worthy of inviting to family dinner, if we go ahead and get sleeve tattoos on both arms. We are afraid that if our music project won’t work out, not a single real job will want us with both arms tattooed from shoulder to wrist. We are afraid that our music project won’t work out because we are told that we are not good enough, or that we are not putting in enough effort…my point is, we are thought, pressured, taunted into being afraid to stand up and go out of our cells. Lack of motivation, laziness, responsibilities, not being good enough, all these are just a cover-up for fear. Unfortunately overcoming this fear is most of the times impossible.
In our twenties and thirties we’re often told that we still have time; time to turn around and make it, to make that gallery happen, or build that company etc. etc., but in fact, we don’t. it’s a mere illusion that in our 30th we still can make it, and here’s why: early on we start on a journey (mind you, preordered for us ) and we are so afraid to take an unexpected turn and FAIL, that we don’t even look aside or above us, or even in front. We only look down under our feet. And we go on like that all the way, till we rich the end. And that’s the sad truth and reality of it. To wrap this all up, please, don’t be a sissy. As difficult as it may sound, don’t be a sissy, like me. I don’t have the courage to stand up, get out of my cage and make my own path, but I sincerely hope that something on here will make you do what I can’t.

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